5 Social Media Tips For (VERY) Small Businesses

As a small business just starting out, initiating out your Social Media campaigns can be rather daunting, especially if you cannot afford to hire a consultant.
If this describes your situation, here are 5 steps you can take NOW to start getting the needed attention for your business.

1. Humanize Your Business

Studies have shown that customers respond better to a human face than to a business logo. When running Social Media ads or posting to your profiles, give your content  a human voice… a character. That will stimulate more likes, shares, comments and retweets.

2. Focus on 1 social network… or 2

Some marketers would suggest that you jump on every Social Media platform out there. While this obviously has its pros, it can be counterproductive for a small business like yours. Cultivating a steady following on these networks will require a considerable degree of time and effort. Don’t spread your resources too thin. Just stick to 1 or 2 platforms where you feel the most comfortable and scale upwards to others as you get profitable. My minimum recommendation is Facebook and Twitter.

3. Blog

This is one of the quickest and most sure-fire ways of establishing yourself in your industry. Even though you’re not receiving humongous traffic, the mere presence of your blog WILL establish you in the minds of your target audience as a thought leader in the field. Buying (as you must know) is an emotional decision. Customers must trust that you are a source of information on EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING there is to know about your industry. And hey… when you do blog,  refer to NO.1 above… Humanize!

4. Consistency

This cannot be overstated. Establish an update schedule, so your fans/followers know what to expect. This applies to both blogging and Social Media updates. If you can only manage to post once or twice a day, stick to the regimen. I recommend creating a content calendar to serve as a guide.

5. Engage! Engage!! Engage!!!

Yeah, I said (typed :D) that 3 times. It’s not enough to merely accumulate likes and fans. If you they’re not paying attention to what you’re saying, you cannot convert them from fans to (paying) customers. Make your Social Media updates a 2-way conversation. engageAsk them a  question. Ask for their own questions. Offer valuable tips for FREE. They’ll naturally be moved to reciprocate with at least a share.


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John Obidi


John Obidi
John Obidi is the Creative Director of ObidiSocial.com, a Social Media Marketing Company in Lagos, Nigeria.

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    Thanks Obidi

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  • Ajuzie Joy

    Very practical steps indeed. Great work.

  • The very practical tips you outline in this and other articles you’ve posted about meaningful content, authentic engagement, and building relationships with others across social media platforms have been enormously helpful to me as a professional speaker, blogger, and writer. This article reminds me of the importance of consistency. If followers expect a blog post from me on Mondays, then I better deliver! Thank you, John, for your rich and meaningful tips! I am a grateful fan!
    Dr. Julie Connor

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    Great steps to follow! Thanks John